Rescued Foods Delivered to Your Door!

Good Morning! I’m loving this service! Rescuing surplus foods and delivered right to your door. I got my first box last night. I chose 1 pkg ground turkey, two pears and the rest lots of veggies! I enjoyed cooking up some shallot, mushrooms, and spinach and used it as a base for my scrambled eggs. Plus I had two of my whole-wheat mini waffles that I made yesterday. Sure looking forward to more boxes! If your interested and they are in your area using my link will get us both $10 off an order! I love that with this service unlike others you get to customize your boxes.

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Trying new cover stitch

Yesterday was another first…first test of my Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch machine. Did a three needle cover stitch with multiple colors!

Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch Testing my new Brother Cover Stitch Machine
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First machine embroidery project!

Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly made using Brother SE400!

I finally tested my Brother SE400 sewing/embroidery machine. I chose a single color butterfly for my first try with the embroidery function of this machine!

I decided to go with a single colored first machine embroidery project. Next I’ll try a define with multiple colors.

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Gonna sew again…

Wow…been to many years since I sewed. I sewed my wedding dress, three bridesmaid dresses and two flower girl dresses when Dennis and I got married in December 2000.

My biggest sewing dress, 3 bridesmaid dresses and 2 flower girl dresses.

My biggest sewing project…my dress, 3 bridesmaid dresses and 2 flower girl dresses.

I haven’t really sewed much at all since then. I did a lot of alterations prior to our marriage. Truth…I don’t like doing alterations at all and will never do it anymore except for my own needs. It will be a few months yet before I’m totally ready. I would eventually like to sew and sell on

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